A Business that's Ideal for Stay-at-Home Moms

So you want to work from home. There isn't any shame in it, don't worry. Working in an office or retail environment just isn't suitable for everyone, and people who don't prefer those kinds of jobs have nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe you're coming up on the end of your maternity leave and you really can't see yourself going back into the office now that you've gotten used to being home with your child. Maybe you've put ten or fifteen years in a job and you want to do something different and more rewarding. Whatever your reason, it's your reason and it's a good one, so now it's time to Own Your Own Business.

Network marketing is a popular and effective way that many stay at home moms have used to start a work from home business. Also known as multi-level marketing, network marketing provides home business owners the chance to achieve a greater work-life balance than a more traditional job allows for. Successfully run network marketing businesses are also a great way to provide financial security for yourself and your family. You'll have more money, more time freedom, and the chance to live the lifestyle you want if you can set up your own business.

Home Based Business Opportunity

The first thing to know about network marketing is that it provides you an opportunity - it does not create success instantly, but allows you the opportunity to make success your own. It is a business model, not a job you take on. You will be purchasing a product or training to provide a service to clients that you will acquire as you conduct your work from home business.

This is a great way to create financial security, because it allows you to work as much as you need. You can look at your available resources and pick up the product you need to meet your budget and savings requirements. You can sell as much as you like, instead of being required to meet abstract sales quotas set by another person who doesn't understand your position. Do you just want some extra spending money, or do you want to build up a robust savings account to give you a pleasant retirement in ten years? Either way, you can set your own goals and keep control when you own your own business.

Work-Life Balance

The most commonly cited reason for wanting to own your own business is the desire to have a greater control over one's own life. Moms want more time to spend with their kids, more money to do the things they love, and the freedom to take a vacation when it suits them, rather than when it meets corporate HR requirements.

When you have control of your business opportunity, you can create this balance between work and life for yourself. Spend a couple of hours a day selling, or spend two weeks focusing on making good sales and then take a whole week off to spend working in your garden or on a road trip to a place you've always wanted to go. The point is that you get to create the work-life balance that best fits your needs, and get the satisfaction that comes from having complete control.

Pride and Joy

Work from home jobs are a wonderful way to give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. While it is true many people are proud of their traditional jobs, there is a unique, self-starter satisfaction that comes from creating your own business and working your way to the level of success you want. Americans in particular have a strong small-business tradition, and our society still holds great respect for people who create a business all their own and make it succeed.

Financial Security

We've talked about how owning a business can provide financial security, so let's elaborate on that a bit. It isn't just a matter of being in control of your own sales, in fact. Network marketing jobs allow a unique kind of control over your business that goes beyond the simple matter of buying and selling.

A key part of the network business model is the ability to recruit additional workers to your cause in order to increase your sales. This is where the "network" part of the business model comes in. It isn't just a network of clients, but also a network of sales affiliates. Bringing on affiliate salespeople will give you the satisfaction of helping others to earn money and start their own businesses, while giving you a percentage of the profits from their sales as well. So not only are you able to make direct sales of your own, you can create a steady income from residual earnings as well. Some savvy recruiters even stop selling on their own because the network they create is so effective that their residual income suits their needs entirely.

With two types of income being brought in, you get more complete control of your financial situation. You can predict a reliable stream of residual income as a sort of base earning, and then work on the number of direct sales you feel are needed to get you to where you want to be. This leaves you with more money and more time to do the things you love, without having to worry about the bank balance from month to month.

Time Freedom

Selling your own product can free up a lot of your time. Most people have to work dedicated hours, and that distorts everyone's lives no matter how well they plan. If a crisis arrives, you have to scramble to make it fit into your work schedule. That is in fact the big crux of why most small business owners go the route they do. You should be able to make your work fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around. With the business opportunity provided by this model, you can spend the amount of time that suits your needs on your job.

If you need to keep busy, put a long day in making sales. If you just want that extra bit of money to help out each month, sell for a few hours a day. When an emergency comes up, take a few days off to handle it and get the world right again. You don't need to ask anyone permission except yourself.

Some Pro Tips

Setting up your own business does require doing some work, of course. There are many ways to be successful in creating your business and a lifestyle that can support it, so let's take a look at a few ways to help you out in this regard.

A great first step is making sure your work-life balance is built into your new business right from the get-go. Set up a dedicated workspace for yourself and your business. It can simply be your desk and a phone, or you can set aside a whole room for a functioning office. Whichever way you prefer, create a space where you can tell yourself "this is where I work", and keep the rest of your home for all the things you're working for.

Another good tip is to set up a second phone line dedicated for your network business opportunity. Whether you use a pay as you go cell phone or a second landline, having a specific phone line for work is a very smart step. You won't have to worry about keeping the main line clear in case a client calls in to place an order, and you'll always know if a particular call is personal or business related.

Even if you only intend to work for a couple of hours each day, it can help to set regular business hours. A schedule does wonders for personal productivity, and it works just as well in running your own business. It also helps you achieve that balance we were talking about - this time is for work, this time is for creating the lifestyle that makes you happy. This way you can more completely focus on work when the time is needed, and then devote yourself entirely to your child's surprise birthday party.

Take advantage of your newfound time freedom by doing something you never could do in an office setting. Go to work wearing comfortable clothes instead of office casual. Take a two-hour lunch to catch up with a good friend about their family, instead of squeezing a fast food meal into a 30-minute break.

Some passing thoughts

When you Own Your Own Business network, you can really take on a newfound sense of control over your life. You set your hours, sell a product you believe in, and get to have more time with your family and friends. You will have a profound sense of accomplishment when you see your business not just succeeding, but thriving. Yes, you need to put the work in to make it succeed, but anyone who knows anything will tell you that stay at home moms are already used to hard work - this isn't something foreign to them.

Marketing is a good choice for moms, whether they want to go wholeheartedly into a major personal business venture, or just want that little bit of extra scratch every month to indulge themselves and their families with nice things. Whatever your reason for doing so, consider owning a business all your own, and creating a marketing network that can sustain you and your family for years to come. You won't regret it - it's financially rewarding, easy to learn, and a chance for a great adventure.