Work from Home - Financial Security and Time Freedom

Finding a home based business opportunity is the key toward adopting a flexible lifestyle. It enables a stay-at-home mom to work at home while balancing their family commitments. From network marketing to telecommuting, there are many work from home jobs that can help individuals everywhere have the time freedom and financial security they need.

Three Kinds of Jobs

There are essentially three ways people can work at home. With telecommuting, the worker uses their computer or phone to connect to their normal workplace. Some companies allow this on a part-time or full-time basis. For the lucky few in fields like Web design or editing, an entire business can be run from a home office.

Other individuals who work from home are self-employed contractors. They hire out their services or create a product at home. This type of work at home job is ideal for music tutors or masseuses who charge for hour. It is also the method used by crafters and eBay sellers.

The last option for people who want to work at home is to join a well established home based business, such as home party plans. When doing this, individuals have to be careful to avoid scams. If it sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme, it probably is.

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Is a Stay at Home Job that Great?

For many mothers or fathers who work, balancing a professional life and private matters is a difficult seesaw. From dropping children off at school to taking them to lessons, it is difficult to find enough hours in the day to keep up. With a home based business, parents can spend more time with their children and still have a career.

Before beginning a work at home job, individuals should consider if it is right for them. There is often limited social interaction for home-based employees. Individuals have to be self-disciplined, organized and able to manage their time wisely. For disillusioned parents, staying at home with the children sounds like a dream job. In reality, it is hardly a childcare solution. Children and private matters distract from work. When a meeting or phone call is required, the children will still need to have a childcare provider who can take care of them.

Benefits and Negatives

By working from home, a stay-at-home mom can enjoy more family time and escape from office politics. It offers greater flexibility, a relaxed dress code and additional tax advantages. Most people enjoy working from home because it gives them a level of independence in selecting work and deciding on a schedule. Best of all, it eliminates the time and money spent commuting to work each day. Home-based employees regularly site time freedom and financial security as two of the top benefits of working from home.

For gregarious individuals, a work-at-home job can seem unbelievable isolating and lonely. With numerous distractions and interruptions from family members, it can be difficult to stay on task and focus. A home-based workplace makes it harder to separate professional and private lives. It can lack the support of a traditional workplace and children still need to have a guardian take care of them during work hours. For someone to be successful, they have to be capable of working alone, be self-motivated and possess strong organizational skills.

Office Requirements

On TAX Forms, work-at-home employees can typically deduct the expenses of a home office. They should have a dedicated phone line, a computer and an Internet connection. In addition, the home office should be equipped with a desk, chair and an answering machine. Although it is not necessary for everyone, most stay-at-home workers will want a fax machine and a mobile phone.

Workplace Law Changes

Starting in January 2010, the United States adopted new workplace laws. These make it easier for employers to let their works stay at home. If the child is under school age or has a disability, it is easier for the employer to grant their stay-at-home request.

What is it?

One of the latest work-at-home jobs is in network marketing, also known as direct marketing. Since it a relatively new phenomenon, many people are confused by how it works. Many sites online question its relevancy and if it is a pyramid scheme. In reality, direct marketing is an excellent source of income for people who can budget their time wisely.

Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is when a company does not offer a legitimate product. Instead, they work to enroll people in the scheme. Once someone is enrolled, they are supposed to earn money by getting other individuals to join. Because this increases the lower level of enrollment drastically, it ends up looking like a pyramid. At the top, a few people garner huge amounts of wealth while the lower echelon is left with a useless membership.

Direct marketing is not a pyramid scheme because it offers a legitimate product and service. Normal companies use advertising, radio and online websites to attract new customers. With direct marketing, the business model is different. Home-based employees do the marketing to their friends and family. This in turns earns the employee a level of income. Basically, direct marketing uses the money they would have spent on traditional advertising on employees who market products directly.

To help increase earnings, most direct marketing companies will let the employee create a team of associates. When these individuals make a sale, a small portion of their earnings go to the person who recruited them. In return, the recruiter helps to mentor associates and provides them with support as they set about earning income. Due to this feature, direct marketing can earn home-based employees upfront income and residual income.

Overall, network marketing accrues $120 billion in sales globally. As one of the quickest growing areas of the economy, it has managed to create numerous six or seven figure earners. It allows employees to have low costs to start up with a significant potential for profits.

Finding a Legitimate Company

The key to being successful in direct marketing is to find a legitimate company to work for. Individuals should look at the products that are being sold and if the home business opportunity is endorsed by a reputable organization. Ideally, the product being sold should be something that people would already want to buy. People should also look for direct marketing companies that allow money to be earned without requiring a large team of associates.

Once a company is found that meets the criteria, individuals should look at a couple of other factors. Reputable companies will be members of Direct Selling Association. If they are members, then the direct marketing business has been assessed and follows set rules of conduct. If they are listed on the NASDAW and are financially secure, the company is a better one to use.

Since a decision to work from home ultimately comes down from money, individuals should look at the compensation plan. They should consider the startup costs of the business, the length of time the company has been in operation and if the products are in demand. High demand products are easy sources of income because they lead to repeat sales and customer recommendations. For new associates, a direct marketing company that has training and support is a must. With any new venture, employees have to be able to understand how to do their job. Having a good support team can be the difference between performing well or failing in a business.


Unlike other home-based businesses, network marketing requires very little startup capital or asset risk. To build a business, employees just have to invest sweat equity and use an established system. Direct marketing is essentially risk-free. Since it does not require employees, loans or a warehouse, this home business opportunity has very little overhead. Once the business has been developed, network marketers will be able to earn residual income. This will allow them the financial security and time freedom that they need. Eventually, the business should be able to run on its own.

Overview of Network Marketing

This distribution style developed over 65 years ago. Despite making significant progress, it is still misunderstood by the majority of the population. It offers valid growth potential and income for individuals who are able to manage their time. In the past, direct marketing has been noted by individuals such as Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Sir Richard Branson and Donald Trump. In some areas of the world, a direct marketing business can be sold or passed down to the next generation.

A long time ago, network marketing businesses had to be developed by word of mouth. For the individual, this meant walking from door to door and cold calling customers. In recent years, this form of home-business has experienced a huge revolution as the Internet made it easier to connect with people who wanted a business opportunity. People who want to create a work at home job should always remember to invest at least a year into creating their goal income. Any good opportunity requires sweat equity and home-based businesses do require work.

With the advent of fax machines, the Internet, emails and mobile devices, home-based entrepreneurs can work out of a home office as they earn money. It offers the potential for a stay-at-home mom and dad to spend more time with their family and reduce childcare expenses. Like any job opportunity, working from home still requires an individual who is organized and able to stay on task. As their own boss, the employee must be personally driven to succeed and self-motivated. For individuals who fit this description, the options with home-based jobs are endless. They simply have to research online to find reputable organizations and begin creating their dream job.