SISEL International Review

When it comes to making money, you have several options to consider. The simplest is to work for someone else. They will determine your earnings and dictate your schedule. In exchange, you will enjoy some level of job security. While this is one of the most common choices currently, it's not the only option. You can also go into work for yourself by opening your own business. The great challenge involved with starting a business is getting the paperwork and financing together. One final option is to blend the positive aspects of working for someone else and being your own boss by making the investment in network marketing.

Proven, Popular Products

Most businesses start out the same way. A person or group has a product to sell, so they go into business and start marketing it. As the business grows and sells more, they can hire people to help them. It's a risky venture because you can never be 100 percent certain that a new product or service will continue to enjoy high demand over the coming years. Many new businesses fail simply because they overestimated the demand.

Franchises are a little different. With a franchise, you will have a proven business model and the support of the parent company, but the fees are incredibly high. The most affordable franchises can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the price can go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars as you choose more successful companies. In addition to the incredible start-up fees, you will also pay franchise licensing fees every month for as long as you own the business. It's an expense that never really goes away, and it can eat into your profits.

With network marketing, however, you will have a proven product to work with. Sisel International offers an incredible range of popular products, including delicious coffee that will always be in high demand. Check out the Coffee Home Party Business that promotes premium coffee and weight loss tea.

When you work with household items that will always be in need, you increase your chance of being successful in your business venture. Unlike opening your own business, you won't have to make any investments in research, development or new products because the parent company will take care of that for you.

Understanding How Network Marketing Works

There are several ways for a company to move their products to market and increase sales. With traditional distribution, manufacturers sell to wholesalers, who offer merchandise to the retailers that work directly with the public. There are multiple levels of product transfer, and this drives up the cost of merchandise for the final consumer.

Direct distribution plans seek to eliminate the middle men by allowing manufacturers to sell directly to the public. While this is more affordable for consumers and proves more profitable for manufacturers, the question is how manufacturers will get products to the customers who want them. This is where network marketing comes in. Companies like Sisel International offer their products to distributors who then work directly with the public. As an independent distributor, you can sell to friends, family, neighbors or even set up shop online and offer your merchandise to people around the globe. The consumer wins because you help them save money, and you will benefit greatly from the profits you earn.

How the Downline Works

Network marketing is sometimes confused with pyramid schemes, but they are actually completely different. The only similarity is that both plans utilize a downline network of sellers, but how those people are treated is drastically different between the two systems.

In a pyramid scheme, people convince others to buy the products with the promise that they can resell them at a profit. While the person higher on the chain profits, the downline sellers can wind up with a collection of products they don't want and are unable to sell.

Network marketing is completely different. As you meet people who want to earn more money and enjoy the lifestyle you have, you can recruit them into the business. You will earn a commission on the sales they make, but you will never make more from your downline team than they are earning for themselves. The commission for you is a reward for mentoring other people and expanding the distribution team, and your downline will never be asked to purchase products for sale ahead of time. It's a mutually beneficial relationship that has worked effectively since the 1940s, and you can put it to work for you.

The Facts About Failure

If you have dreamed of owning your own business, then there are definite advantages to becoming a SISEL Brand Partner / independent distributor. In a traditional business, you need to have something to offer the public, and then there are countless applications to fill out for licenses, financing and more. There is a great deal of risk involved, particularly if you use your private assets to help secure your storefront and inventory. BBC News estimates that four out of five new businesses will ultimately fail, and those are staggering numbers. The numbers are clear, but the reasons businesses fail are not as obvious. Here are some of the reasons new ventures fail to thrive, and how the Sisel network marketing plan can help your succeed.

  • Focusing on the little details

    It's easy for new business owners to focus so much on the day-to-day details that they fail to look at the big picture. With a network marketing system, you will have mentors to help you avoid this pitfall and keep your eye on your larger goals.

  • Starting without a clear plan

    Business plans look at short-term goals and long-term targets. They provide you with clear steps to help you navigate the early years and develop a solid business. If you don't know how to design the plan, you will struggle. However, your mentors at Sisel will help you create a plan, and they can also help you stay on track.

  • Out of control expenses

    Expenses will chip away at any profits, and businesses don't always know how to limit them. With network marketing, there are very few expenses. You don't have to stock an inventory, open a storefront or hire employees. This means that your profits are yours to enjoy without worrying about out of control expenses destroying what you are worked for.

The Support System

When you open your own business, you are going to be alone. If you work for someone else, you will have other people with you, but you will be working to build their dreams instead of your own. With a franchise, you will share a common goal, and that helps you succeed. However, you will find that a good part of your profits and efforts every month still go towards the parent company rather than your own local business.

With Sisel International, you will enjoy the best of both worlds. While you can largely work alone when starting out, your support system will never be more than a phone call away. You will have someone to turn to with questions and concerns, yet you will be building your own business and moving towards your own unique goals. The commission aspect ensures you that your support system will be as motivated to help you succeed as you are, and that will help you take your distributorship to the next level.

The Ease of Getting Started

Have you ever looked into starting a business? It probably didn't take you long to decide that you didn't have the funds necessary to get started, and the paperwork can be overwhelming. Franchises are more appealing because they also have proven products, but the start-up costs associated with a franchise can be incredibly high. With network marketing, the investment is low, the paperwork is minimal, and you can easily get started with the program. Once you fill out the simple application, you may pay a small fee to get a selling kit and a few other basics.

Another problem with opening your own brick-and-mortar business is that it's a full-time venture. You probably cannot continue working at your day job and manage to man the counters at your new business. Network marketing is different because you can hold on to the security blanket that is your existing job. Rather than having to man a shop during business hours, you can just start selling the products when you have free time.

With a network marketing system, you can build your own business to a viable level before even considering leaving your current job. This allows you to use the initial income to pay off bills and improve your financial position, rather than leaving you in a situation where you have to put your profits towards regular living expenses.

Incredible Freedom Awaits You

With a franchise opportunity, you are still going to have a boss to answer to. The parent company will set your minimum business hours, and they can control other aspects of your business. With a network marketing business, you can put as much or as little as you want into your business. There is no other business plan that provides you with the flexibility to spend 60 hours a week building a business or just work for a few hours each week.

However, it's important to remember that the freedom of network marketing comes with responsibility. While you will have the freedom to only work a few hours a week, you should also remember that you will get out what you put into this business. If you never work on building the business and contacting your network, your business will not expand and provide you with the disposal income of your dreams. It's one of the few business ventures where your success is directly tied to your work and effort.

Great Rewards are possible with SISEL KAFFE

The rewards associated with successful network marketing are great. When you put the effort into building your own business, you will be rewarded with growing sales, an expanding downline and the benefits of residual income. Rather than struggling to pay the bills, you can have disposable income for buying the finer things in life and enjoying your time more. As your income grows and you become financially stable, you can afford to leave your day job and enjoy the full freedom of being your own boss. Take vacations when you want, set your own schedule and become the master of your own destiny.

Your future can be bright and glorious, and it starts with making the right decisions regarding your job. While it's "safe" to work for someone else, there are far greater rewards waiting when you become your own boss. You may not have the funds necessary to start a franchise, but you can enjoy great profits and benefits when you invest in the Sisel Kaffe home-based business opportunity.