Max International Review

Max International is a network marketing opportunity that may be successfully operated from a home based business setting. This type of business ownership can allow a stay at home mother, a graduate student, or a business entrepreneur the chance to start with a profitable company at the ground level. Each Max company business partner is a separate business. Each Max entrepreneur can set their own working hours, structure their working days around a convenient schedule, and make the extra income that is needed for a family or individual enrolled in a university program, for example.

Home Based Business Opportunity

Max International is a home based business opportunity with comprehensive corporate business support. Mentoring arrangements can be set up for each new business partner, and ongoing support is included. Learning the new network marketing operation can be accomplished within a short period of set up time and a low entry cost of less than $100. The work from home business allows the new entrepreneur to sell much needed health and wellness products and skin care products. A minimal amount of start up expense is needed, and a dream network marketing business is ready to bring in the extra profits that are required in today's economy.

Work From Home

The Max work from home business opportunity is a type of self employment using a franchise style business model. This company's model or franchise style business begins with a leveraged business base. There are certain reasons to consider this home based business opportunity, and the reasons are the following:

  1. Timing is important in a direct marketing business venture. Getting in on the ground floor is essential since much of the profit sharing occurs as residual income from others within a networking business structure.

  2. Ownership of each new Max International partnership is gained when a new partner opens a separate work from home franchise style business. This type of business structure gives a solid foundation to all of the new and additional businesses that are subsequently opened.

  3. The products sold are tested and have their own patents in place or are patent pending. The products sold include MaxOne health and wellness products and Visible Solutions anti aging skin care products.

  4. Business trends are critical for any type of new product that is placed on the commercial markets. There are current product trends for health and wellness energy and performance supplements, weight loss products, and skin care creams.

  5. Compensation is critical for any new home based business opportunity. An associate's profits are leveraged as exponential income and can produce significant residuals and financial security over the long term.

Franchise Style Business

This type of business structure is a proven business model. Ongoing support and initial training create a solid foundation for any new business entrepreneur who is seeking financial security. The franchise structure develops a network of additional businesses that leverage an exponential income for the original partners. This exponential income may develop in the form of residual profit payments later on as each new business develops. A franchise structure allows financial security as each business grows exponentially. Network marketing is a style of business that creates financial security and a base of income for an entrepreneur's partnership.

The Products Sold in Each Partnership

Each partner has certain company products that are available for sale. These products are from the health care industry and beauty industry. These are break through products and are among the following available for sale by each new venture partnership:

  1. The MaxOne line aids in the body's production of glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that aids in the removal of damaging agents inside the body. This product line has been tested and is patented. Each individual health and wellness line has been validated by leading health and beauty experts.

  2. The MaxOne line boosts the body's liver functioning. There are various energy and performance products available that are enhancements for certain bodily functions.

  3. Weight loss product lines are available as well.

  4. Certain health and wellness products that are offered for sale include certain lung and heart functioning aids.

  5. Supplements that improve concentration and mental focus are available for sale by each new partner within the Max International business structure.

  6. Energy enhancement products may be sold as well as products that aid in building a stronger immune system.

Beauty Products Offered by Each New Partner

There are several beauty products that can be offered by each new partner within the company. These beauty products may include the following:

  1. The Visible Solutions skin care line has been patented and tested by leading beauty industry experts for effectiveness. An anti aging skin care cream may be offered by a new partner within the company.

  2. Anti aging skin care products are available that improve a customer's skin elasticity.

  3. Skin care products that optimize collagen levels within a customer's skin are available for sale as well.

  4. Certain care options can be purchased within the Visible Solutions skin care line that increase the skin's hydration.

  5. Products for the skin are available for sale that decrease the effects of destructive free radicals.

Health and Wellness Product Availability

The MaxOne and the Visible Solutions health and wellness products are available for sale by each new partner within this direct marketing company. Each partnership has a mentor and initial training in order for each new venture partner to understand the products that are being offered to the public. These health and wellness products have been tested and approved by federal agencies that oversee the sale of cosmetics and supplements to the general public. Each new business owner should understand and try these products for themselves. This type of direct use of the business product lines allows a deeper understanding of what is being offered to the public. There is an initial training for each new venture business owner that includes using the direct products. Ongoing support is available through the company and through the member of the company who signed up the new entrepreneur.

Proven Business Model

The direct marketing business model is a proven strategy that has been used by several successful companies outside of Max. The network model is being used in other professional services companies and in home care products companies. The international consumer is frequently using a network business as an avenue for certain products that are needed.

The Current Inadequate Health Care Market

The current health care industry is in a state of change. There are certain services that are no longer available for the standard health care customer. The health and wellness industry seems to be filling in these areas of discrepancy. Some health care services are no longer being offered. The health care insurance program for the U.S. is focusing on preventive medicine. The Max health and wellness product lines are a much needed alternative for today's medical customer who needs certain health care intervention. Preventive health care often uses a health and wellness model in order to avoid certain costly medical procedures all together.

Aging U.S. Population

The population of the U.S. is aging, and there are many new senior citizens who need health and wellness products. The insurance industry has certain budget problems that are increasing the costs for a standard insurance policy. Some chronic illness are going untreated because of the lack of available health services. There is a current trend that is emphasizing health and wellness and preventive medicine. The MaxOne products are available for those consumers who are looking for a preventive health care strategy.

Massive Budget Deficits

Budget deficits are plaguing the U.S. health care system. This kind of economic problem is found overseas as well. Lack of funding for basic health needs has created a need for health and wellness products. Prevention is critical and even more so today. Max offers health and wellness supplements that can offer the following:

  1. Certain MaxOne products may increase energy and job performance. This kind of energy supplement can aid a modern worker and allow a worker to possibly perform longer and more productively. An aging employee may find this type of supplement helpful and necessary.

  2. Weight loss products are offered through MaxOne. Weight gain is frequently cited as a potential reason to demote a worker or even fire someone. Being over wight can cause a job applicant to not receive a job offer. Weight gain is a leading cause of serious and debilitating health problems. The weight loss supplements offered through MaxOne may be critical for certain ongoing modern employment opportunities.

  3. Skin care products are a part of the Visible Solutions skin care line. Skin problems can be cited as reasons for demoting someone or even for firing someone at a job. Clear skin is needed by some industries as a job requirement. Certain skin supplements are offered through Visible Solutions. There are skin products that hydrate sagging skin, optimize certain collagen elements and skin firmness, and enhance the skin's youthful appearance and elasticity. All of these skin issues can be important or even critical for a modern worker or job applicant.

Destructive Free Radicals and Skin Care

Each new business partner is offering certain consumer products that are important and needed. There are destructive radicals that can affect a consumer's skin. Certain air pollutants can create an unattractive appearance for a job applicant or worker. Finding certain skin care solutions can be critical and important. The Visible Solutions entrepreneur offers these products as an aid and help for the modern consumer and worker.


The MaxOne and Visible Solutions products are important for today's consumer. The new business partner within the Max group can offer these important supplements and aids to the general public. The health care industry is in a state of flux, and preventive medicine is being purported as the way of the health care industry. Preventive care includes finding supplements and skin care products that can enhance and prevent certain illnesses. A healthier lifestyle is being emphasized among the health care industry, and the Max company is providing essential products for the new trend.

A new venture partner with Max International can develop a business strategy that has a franchise company structure. A franchise company is one that has a strong base that can be leveraged exponentially to generate future income potential. The future profits that are generated within this frame work can be reinvested into each new partner business. A Max business allows the new owner to set their own working hours, obtain financial freedom, and be their own boss. This type of business venture is organized at home, and the future profits are gained from the products that are sold and the new business associates that are included. Financial profits are unlimited.