How to find a Good MLM Company

Finding the right MLM Business Opportunity for YOU

There are many legitimate and ethical muti-level marketing program and direct selling schemes with companies such as Avon, Tupperware and Amway that give marketers opportunities to make a decent income based on their efforts in selling their wares. However the chance of earning a good income from such multi-level marketing programs can be difficult for beginners, particularly because not all companies have generous compensation plans. This makes it even more important for prospective participants in multi-level marketing programs to research their industry and products sufficiently, and to learn about the multi-level marketing industry in order to gain a competitive edge. This article will analyze how to find a good multi-level business to maximize opportunities for profit.


One of the keys to finding a profitable multi-level marketing program is to find a program that is compatible with the marketers. Therefore, one of the most important and hardest parts of finding a good multi-level marketing program to participate in must begin with self-analysis. Individuals considering becoming members of multi-level marketing programs must analyze their strengths and weaknesses in order to know what kinds of multi-level marketing programs are suitable for them. This contains personal skills and tendencies, such as the individual's ability to adapt to new marketing strategies, dedication to the program, willingness to work and learn, as well as patience. These can all influence the ideal choice of multi-level marketing program for the individual; some individuals want low-income but low-maintenance marketing programs, which can be achieved by enrolling in established multi-level marketing programs with existing demand for its products. On the other hand, individuals who are truly passionate about marketing or are willing to work hard for the program may want newer programs that offer a greater cut of the profits to the marketer.

Minimize Risk

Despite the fact that different multi-level marketing schemes are suited for different types of people, it is important to know a few key pieces of advice regarding how to minimize risk when it comes to multi-level marketing schemes that applies to all prospective marketers when trying to find an ideal company. First of all, it is important to look for multi-level marketing companies that have been established for more than 5 years. The multi-level marketing industry as a whole is very competitive, and a stunning 90% of companies fail within its first two years. Furthermore, if possible, marketers considering a new company should look into its financial statements (for publicly traded companies) to see if the company is solvent and therefore will be able to pay for marketing commissions.

Evaluation and Analysis

One of the most important skills for successful members of multi-level marketing programs is the ability to analyze and evaluate the companies they work for, as well as the products they're selling. This is because the core component of their income is the product that they are selling. Therefore, it is critical for marketers to honestly evaluate the viability of the product in order to judge how easily they can sell this product to consumers. Even the most positive company culture and innovative marketing strategy will result in naught if the product itself is fundamentally lacking demand.

The most important thing in analyzing the product is honesty and impartiality. It is very important for the marketer not to allow things like greed or personal opinions about the company skew their judgement of the product. There are three key considerations in evaluating a product. First of all, marketers need to ask if the product is unique or differentiated from its competitors in some meaningful way. This is important because if the product isn't unique, it can be much harder to market a new brand, particularly if its function or design is already similar to an existing, established brand. Secondly, marketers should evaluate the product and whether there is a real demand for it. Demand can be derived from new designs, innovative functions, or attractive prices. This will require a fair bit of market research, but it can help avoid costly misjudgments of demand which can cost substantial losses for the marketer. While judgment of demand is important, it is important to also note that one important determinant of demand is price. Make sure that the product isn't overpriced and that individuals would be willing to purchase the product at the price it is offered at.

The Importance of Time

In addition, one component of multi-level marketing which is often neglected is time. This involves multi-level marketing in multiple ways. First of all, individuals should be aware of how much time they are willing to spend on marketing. Will it interfere with their full-time job? What are the opportunity costs of participating in multi-level marketing schemes for them. Furthermore, financially, individuals should be also be aware of the concept of time. How important is profit for them? Do they require an immediate return from the multi-level marketing program, or can they sustain themselves financially to allow for long-term marketing programs that don't generate that much of an immediate profit?

Lastly, members of multi-level marketing programs must integrate time into their considerations and product evaluations. Most users only consider the present demand of the product in their product evaluation. This is not the most ideal mode of analysis. Marketers need to ask themselves: how many consumers will be willing to purchase this product in five years? Ten years? Will this product have lasting demand, or will the demand be merely temporary? And furthermore, where will the company be in a few decades? Is the product at risk of being obsolete in a few years? Can it be expanded and renewed in the future to allow the company to grow? These are all important questions that will be key to success of marketers not only in the short term, but for the long term and for the future.

The Bottom Line

The most important pieces of advice to take away is that individuals considering multi-level marketing programs should take the time to do research and consider the business opportunities very carefully before rushing to sign-up. It is necessary for marketers to know how to analyze and evaluate companies and, even more importantly, their products. Product knowledge is one of the most valuable skills a person can have as a member of multi-level marketing programs, particularly in terms of demand and price.