You'll achieve greater SUCCESS when having FUN

Of course you need to approach the building of your network marketing home based business with a professional business mindset. Treat it like a real business, not a hobby. However, that doesn't mean you can't have fun while doing it! In fact, if you do not enjoy what you're doing on a daily basis, I suggest you need to change the way you are currently trying to build your network marketing business or find another business model.

The truth is that most people do not really understand how network marketing works at its best. They spend the majority of their time searching for good prospects and recruiting new people, because they mistakenly focus on initial "Fast Start Bonus" style earnings, i.e. getting paid quickly. True and lasting success in network marketing is built upon a strong foundation of teamwork and support that encourages depth (i.e. ongoing residual income) rather than width in your team structure.

When you spend quality time getting to know and support a smaller number of personally sponsored distributors you'll form and a stronger business relationship and may even become good friends. This is where the FUN and enjoyment comes in, sharing with others, helping them be successful and earning a lasting reward for your efforts.

Most people in network marketing experience STRESS not FUN.

That's because they spend most of their time in the business trying to find people who will listen to their pitch. Except for a small percentage of naturally sales oriented people (with thick skins) the pressure to constantly seek new recruits creates frustration. They are constantly worried if don't find enough people who will listen to their pitch how will they reach their quota of new distributors for the month, required to reach their income goal.

This misguided approach results in the prospecting and sales process of network marketing becoming a more and more stressful event. The occasional fun and enjoyment of having a prospect actually sign up does not make up for the vast number of hours spent on the recruiting process. As the level of frustration grows many new distributors drop-out!

There has got to be a Better Way

If you are not enjoying what you're doing, your results will suffer and your potential business partners will sense your STRESS and your urgency to pressure them into joining you in the business.

You'll achieve greater SUCCESS in network marketing when having FUN


There are plenty of fish in the sea and more arriving everyday! You do not need to create a false sense of urgency. The network marketing opportunity will still be here tomorrow and in the months and years to come. Potential business partners will get involved in their own good time. If we try to pressure them, they will either clam-up right there and then OR they'll drop out a few months or even weeks later.

Don't get me wrong, you do need to help your prospect see the potential benefits, i.e. what's in it for them. But, don't waste your time with the hard sell or try to make your business opportunity appear more exciting for them.

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Employing a proven, results-based marketing system like the one above will generate plenty of high-quality leads that are responsive to your message. You will then have more than enough time to consult with them in a relaxed, non-sales environment, thereby achieving better results. Adopting a lifestyle benefit approach will get you started on the right path - you'll discover it can be an enjoyable journey that ultimately delivers time freedom and financial security so often promised by network marketing companies. You will be spending the lion's share of your working time with people who have a genuine interest in the benefits of network marketing and providing support for existing team members, rather than running flat-out prospecting.

You can now slow down a bit and relax. You are likely to feel less stressed and be more productive. When you focus on helping your team members grow their individual businesses you will be rewarded with a passive income stream. The greatest long term MLM wealth comes from building depth (i.e. many levels) and a strong team that's generating ongoing residual income. One of the biggest traps in MLM is the lure of quick & easy money from initial product sales and business builder packs. Avoid the "Fast Start Bonus" temptation it is much better long term to focus on building a strong foundation of well trained distributors who duplicate your action of helping the people they sponsor into the business.

If you focus on the long term residual income stream generation aspect of the business you will enjoy the time you spend getting to know and supporting your team members. When opportunities to speak with new people arise, as they will, don't be thinking ... How can I get this person to sign-up? Relax a bit and ask your potential business partner questions to determine their specific needs and wants. If your individual home based business model is genuinely a good fit with their situation - introduce it in a consultative fashion keeping their specific needs in mind.

Give it a go, I'm sure you will find this lifestyle benefit approach will deliver better results; and not surprisingly better results is always more fun! SUCCESS and FUN in network marketing comes more easily when you give up the hard sell and focus instead on the needs of others to help them achieve success.