Network Marketing Business Opportunity - Financial Security

With budgets tightening in households across the country, the prospect of getting a second job is something that many people have had to face over the course of the past half-decade or so. A second job, though, comes with a number of stressful concerns and compromises, including less time at home with family members, more time spent in traffic commuting between two jobs and home, and less time for sleep, hobbies, and recreation. It all adds up to a pretty undesirable scenario for many people. The good news, though, is that there's actually a much better way to gain financial security without giving up rest, relaxation, and time with loved ones.

That opportunity lies in residual income, which provides financial security to individuals by helping them to earn extra money without actually working for. This kind of business opportunity also allows most residual earners to work from home, alleviating stress levels and commuting times that might otherwise be prohibitive when looking for a reliable second job and a solid source of extra money.

How it Works: Financial Security via Network Marketing

It's worth understanding exactly how residual earning opportunities work, as well as how they differ from the traditional second job sought by many people in today's economy. Generally, residual earnings are one of two possible ways to earn money, with the other being called "linear income." Linear income is earned at essentially a 1:1 ratio of hours worked to salary earned. For instance, for every hour someone is on the job, they're guaranteed one hour's salary. It's the primary way that people earn money in today's economy, but it's not the only way.

Residual income arises from earnings opportunities that don't rely on a 1:1 ratio. Typically, residual sources of income can be obtained by engaging in network marketing, which allows consumers to work from home while building their own business in partnership with a larger corporation. Typically, that large corporation relies on a network of licensed agents or dealers who sell its products. They can bring their own friends and family members into the fold as well, creating a network of local sales agents. While workers will earn a commission-style income based on each product they sell for the company, they'll also earn income based on every sale that their referred friends and family members are making on their own time.

In this way, extra money can be earned even when someone is not actually on the job, putting hours in and meeting with prospective customers. It is this indirect way of earning money that allows a home based business to become a solid and continual source of extra income during virtually every hour of the day, pairing self-made sales with the success of others for a long-lasting earning opportunity.

Earning Money Without Working: The Residual Income Benefits for Workers

The great thing about network marketing programs is that they promote earning a secondary income in two ways. The first is one that is entirely within the worker's control, and is determined by how actively they meet with potential customers and how often they close the sale. This is the closest thing to a 1:1 income ratio, where one sale will equal one commission-style earnings opportunity for the worker as they get started with their own home based business.

That home based business, however, is only the beginning of a much larger business opportunity that can take earnings well beyond what they would be in this more limited sales scenario. Networking marketing opportunities encourage workers to refer their friends and family members to the same program, making sales and meeting with potential customers in their own families, in the workplace, or in the neighborhood where they live. The reward for such a referral is pretty simple: The original worker will earn a percentage of each sale that their referred friend of family member makes.

Perhaps best of all, this business opportunity represents extra income that will not go away just because the original worker doesn't meet with many clients during a given week or month. Instead, the entire structure of residual earnings allows them to be earned perpetually, no matter what, as long as someone is buying from a referred friend or family member who is motivated enough to arrange meetings, close sales, and engage ongoing customer relationships.

Creating the Business: How to Leverage the Network and Create Income

The great thing about network-style marketing programs is that they allow workers to work from home while guiding their own earnings and reaping the rewards of others' motivation and successful sales. For many people, this is rewarding enough and they'll leave well enough alone. For others, though the very nature of the network system means that it can actually be used as leverage for long-term, dramatic earnings increases. In effect, some people choose to refer their friends and families and then "manage" the network, helping everyone to set sales goals, referral goals, and opportunities for growing their direct income and more residual opportunities.

In this way, the program can be used for virtually unlimited earnings and uncompromised success. With excellent goal-setting and team motivation, the direct and residual earnings from a given program can provide a significant amount of extra income or even a primary earnings activity. Best of all, each member of the group can manage their own network of referrals as well, setting goals that will pay off at every level of the program.

For those with a business background and those who wish to transcend the traditional office environment, this represents a significant opportunity to own your own business and take the world by storm. Many companies promoting this kind of earning opportunity will even reward the highest sales numbers with all kinds of incentives, rewards, and extra earning opportunities that can leader to greater long-term financial stability and even better residual opportunities for long-lasting, work-free income that makes a real difference in the home budget.

Consider the Benefits of Owning a Business Rather Than Working For One

The great thing about today's "information economy" is that it gives workers a really great way to network, build their own group of referral sales agents, and transform the way they earn money both directly and indirectly. The benefits of angling to own your own business are numerous, from lower commuting times to lesser expenses and a far healthier income. For those considering working with a residual earnings opportunity as a supplemental source of income, consider a few key benefits that indirectly arise from the program.

  1. Less Time Commuting to Work and Back Home

    The average American worker spends a stunning 38 hours every month on the road, commuting to work and making the trip back home again. With traffic getting worse in many communities, and fuel costs on a never-ending upward streak, every one of those 38 hours is bound to get more expensive in the long run. In fact, it's likely that the average commute time will continue to get longer. That's a double whammy of bad news for those who are already working with a tight budget.

  2. Eliminating Stress Can Boost Productivity

    In study after study, elevated levels of financial or occupational stress have been showing to reduce performance on the job and elevate tension levels at home. That's not good for anyone in either environment, and it can lead to real problems for those who need every minute of work, and every dollar of their earnings, for daily expenses. When you own your own business, a lot of this stress can be reduced. First and foremost, extra income will alleviate a great deal of financial stress. Being your own boss, of course, will come with its own benefits and allow for a bit of control outside the office that will benefit the work done in the office each weekday.

  3. Network Marketing Strengthens Social Bonds in Existing Groups

    Most people already have a really strong group of friends and a family that they deeply care about. Engaging in an opportunity like this one essentially serves to strengthen those bonds, allowing everyone to work together toward a common financial goal and a long-term residual earning opportunity that will benefit everyone's bottom line and their home budgets. As members of the group discuss strategy and territories, sales and long-term customers, they'll be able to work more collaboratively and deepen an already healthy relationship.

  4. It's Possible to Earn Income Without Working

    Sure, a good deal of income can be earned by these programs when a worker directly meets with customers and closes a sale. But a great deal of income is also earned each time a referred friend or family member does the same. That means it's possible to have a "slow" week, whether intentionally or not, without sacrificing the added security that comes from a secondary income. Best of all, earnings can be enjoyed without commutes, rigid schedules, the stern glance of a supervisor, or any number of other ills that would come from a more traditional second job.

  5. Business Skills Translate Well

    The business skills needed to successfully work within a residual earning program translate well to many other jobs, from retail opportunities to office management and beyond. Honing these skills will yield immediate financial benefits residually, but these same skills might come into play when applying for a promotion or a new job elsewhere. That's a big benefit for many people who are looking to move up in their career.

A Fantastic Program for Earning a Stable Second Income

The ability to go beyond the 1:1 earning ratio of linear income, even earning money while not actively working or directly meeting with customers, is perfect for those on a tight schedule and those who would rather spend more time with their families and friends. With a large number of companies and opportunities, and no shortage of earnings potential, these programs are a perfect self-owned business or secondary earnings opportunity.